Early Warning Systems (previously Primary Payment Systems) is now being used by banks and credit unions the same as chexsystems. Along with other participating organizations, they now share information about potential customers that may be a risk. Unfortunately it seems that EWS is the new growing monster and will replace chexsystems in many banks and credit unions.

UPDATE: 2010

Deluxe Detect IS NOW THE PRODUCT THAT MANY banks and credit unions are using. It is powered by Early Warning Services. Deluxe Financial Services (Deluxe), a business unit of Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), and Primary Payment Systems Inc., an affiliate of First Data Corp. (NYSE: FDC), have formed a strategic alliance to introduce a new service to help financial institutions fight fraud and secure more business.

One of the biggest problems that I am seeing from those that apply at banks and credit unions that use EWS is that this report is generally not being ran until some time after the account is already opened. It seems a week is standard. There are some branch managers that are not even aware of the fact they this report is used. It is common for the EWS report to be ran by the Loss Prevention Dept. or Risk Management Dept. of the bank or credit union instead of the branch when the account is opened.

Unfortunately this causes many accounts to be opened and closed at a later time. Again, it is typical for this to happen in about a week or two. If you have opened an account with a bank or credit union that uses EWS and the account has been opened more than a month, I would say that is is safe to assume that the account will NOT close.

Several organizations have partnered with Early Warning Services

Those wishing to obtain consumer report information should contact their Consumer Call Center at 800-325-7775.

Apparently they will email you a form that you can mail or fax back to them. From what I have been able to tell, if you are reported to chexsystems then chances are good that you are reported to EWS. This seems especially true of those that have a Chexsystems report that has fraud indicated on it.

EWS is a credit reporting agency the same as chexsystems. Because of this, you are entitled to see a copy of your report and it is your right to dispute.

What information should you give them:

1. name

2. address

3. social security number

4. drivers license number

5. previous address if you have moved in the last 5 years.

When you request a report from chexsystems, ews, or telecheck, avoid giving them any information that is not absolutely necessary.

For example: if they ask where you work and for the address, phone etc,. I would not give them this information. Tell them you are currently unemployed.

If they ask for current checking account information. Simply say you have none. Do not volunteer any information. They have no right to ask for this information or for a cancelled check.

It is your right to a FREE annual report by providing basic information:

name, address, social security number ..if the address has changed, they may need something to verify this. They have no right to know the name of your employer, phone numbers, or other account information or cancelled checks.

If they refuse to give you a copy of your report:

1. file a complaint with the FTC https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/

-give the following answers on the complaint

Is your complaint or concern regarding identity theft?


Is your complaint closely related to


Is the company:


Did you experience any of the following? Please select all of these that apply:

The credit bureau will not allow me access to my credit report.

Did you experience any of the following? Please select all of these that apply:

I am unable to order a copy of my free annual credit report.

Did you experience any of the following? Please select all of these that apply:

Free annual credit report was not received or not sent within 15 days.

The rest is self explanatory

Then also send them a letter certified mail: tell them that they are in violation of the FCRA and you are well aware of your rights. Tell them that they have 15 days from the date of the letter to send you a copy of your report or else you will seek legal remedy. Let them know that you have already filed a complaint with the FTC.

Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 that amended the FCRA, consumers may now request a free annual credit report from each of the three major CRAs. Although credit reports are made available to users (credit granting companies) instantaneously, consumers will have to wait up to fifteen days to receive their copies. Within one year, the FTC must establish a centralized source where consumers can request these reports. "Nationwide specialty credit reporting agencies" -- insurance, landlord-tenant, employment agencies-- will also be required to provide one free annual credit report upon request.

A consumer reporting agency (CRA) is an entity that assembles and sells credit information and financial information about individuals.

There are three national CRAs in the United States: Experian (formerly TRW), Trans Union, and Equifax (formerly Retail Credit Co.). There are also many smaller credit reporting agencies that usually concentrate on reporting on individuals living in certain regions of the country.

Inspection bureaus, companies that sell information to insurance companies and assist in performing background checks, often are considered CRAs as well. Tenant screening and check approval companies are also considered CRAs.

Depending on the nature of the operation, other companies can be considered CRAs.

Can you dispute with Early Warning Services (EWS)?

Yes you absolutely can. Due to the huge demand of people that have asked me questions on disputing with EWS, I have now created a page of instructions to help those wishing to dispute and attempt removal. Because it is a little different than Chexsystems and Telecheck, I have a specific outline and sample letters that you can follow on the following page http://www.chexsyste...ck_Removal.html


Early Warning Services is a limited liability company owned by Bank of America, BB&T Corporation, JPMorgan Chase, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo.

For my list of non-chexsystems banks please visit www.chexsystemsvictims.com